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i bought alcohol. but part of me doesn’t want to drink it in fear of it tasting disgusting. and another part of me thinks i should just drink some anyway since i wasted money on this shit. i bought plum flavored wine. i originally wanted to buy either actual umeshu or sake but the place didn’t have any cheap umeshu and the cheap sake was all sold out. T_T

i ended up getting some fake umeshu (it’s made with plum extract instead of actual plums) and i got some midori but that’s in the fridge and im too lazy to go down and get it.

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My boyfriend broke up with me and my 80 year old, 5 foot tall, Indian grandmother told me that “there are lots of men…”

I thought she was then going to say “…in the sea” but she said “…they’re like flies” and made a disgusted face.

She hates flies.

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So there’s a blind kid in my class, and today we were having really bad thunderstorms in our area. All of the sudden there’s a huge crack of thunder and all the lights go out. Some girl screamed “Oh my god i can’t see anything!” and the blind kid goes “Me either!!” and i just lost it


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