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"Can’t this school be occupied by terrorists?"
"I did it! I spoke totally normally with someone!"
"It’s when a guy uses that to do that with that for that."
 - Tomoko Kuroki.

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I’m legally an adult now and i had a yugioh birthday party~

It was actually hard to get this done, from finding someone who could and wanted to do the cookies, to walking shop by shop to find the balloons, and finally printing and putting together the boxes~

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I suddenly started feeling really depressed. Like I feel like I’m being left out and ignored and forgotten about. Which is stupid because no one is leaving me out our ignoring me or anything like that because I have no friends to begin with so I have no reason to feel like this. (;´∀`)

Life is great. (´・ω・`)

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I logged into this online game that I haven’t played in weeks and I find that I got a lot of hate mail. My brother was the lady person on my account. Like, what did he do to make new receive so much hate????